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Photo Album          
A collage of photo's.

Our home in South Florida

Our house all closed up for hurricane Frances
September, 2004

Jean and Kerrys home new house in Texas

Me at two                    My girls and I
                                       Me at two years old                   Sue       Dick     Jean    Barb

The Fuller's new house 2003

Robert's house 2004

Kathy Who?

                  Kathy's 1966 College Graduation  Picture             

              Kathy 1978
         Kathy 1979


Dick and Kathy in Orlando 2003

Roberts Family 2005 in Florida                

         Molly in Florida 99'                 Jean, looking Hot
              Molly Roberts 1999                               Jean in November 1999     

Screen Room May 2003     

Pool at the cluhouse


My family home where I grew up was in Central New York by Syracuse.
The house I grew up in, 960 sq ft, two bedroom, one bath. 1948-1961

I spent three years on the Walker and met some great friends during that time period.

    USS Walker DD 517 at anchor in Hong Kong
    My home from 1962 to 1965

 Our 1st home in Liverpool    
 Our first home in Liverpool, NY. 1966 -1980   

 Our 2nd home in Syracuse
     Our second home in Liverpool, NY. 1980 - 1986

      Our third home, in Elkhart, IN.  1987-2002

Our condo in Kissimmee, FL. 1990 to1995

Our new house in Southern Florida, July 31,  2002

Lots more pictures of our Elkhart  and Florida homes at this link: