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Just Me                     
                                                                                           MIDI-Yesterday when I was young

Kathy and I summer of 1965

Kathy and I at my 25th High School Reunion

My mom was a very caring person who worked very hard for our family.   My dad was always the
My mother and father around the time I was born.


  Me playing cowboy           Me the scout
                                                      The Cowboy                                             The Scout

Me at two                                 Me in 2001 on my computer at night
                                                 Ain't he cute?                                                 Still is.......    

I always liked the Navy                                      Me in the Boy Scouts
                          Arlene and her sailor brother, 1948                           At Boy Scout camp. 1956

Eric and I at Xmas 2004

Taken on our 1965 trip to the island of Guadeloupe, FWI.
Many pounds ago in Guadeloupe, FWI (1985)